Xeni Jardin / 6:49 pm Tue, Oct 23, 2012


                                  We may not have discovered Adele, but our old pal Russell Porter did introduce her to much of the Boing Boing community for the first time, in 2008.



                                  Xeni Jardin / 6:28 pm Tue, Oct 23, 2012


                                  whois查询:中国最大的域名注册服务商-万网,免费查询域名WHOIS信息 阿里云首页 > 域名与网站 > 域名服务 > 域名信息查询(WHOIS) > 网站关键词查询结果

                                  mxvpm加速中心网站 / TWEET / COMMENTS

                                  Boing Boing tv / Boing Boing Video / boingboingtv / florence and the machine / music

                                  Mark Frauenfelder / mxvpm官网


                                  The Beat comics blog reports that the complete archive of Wendy and Richard Pini's Elfquest comic book series is available online. The scan quality is excellent.

                                  Mxvpn : MxVPN加速中心-【唯一官网】-网络加速器-看到 …:MxVPN是一款专业的网络加速工具,拥有覆盖全球的优质VPN线路提供PC,Mac,安卓,iOS等平台的专用客户端,帮助你畅游互联网,加速外服网络游戏,看到更多的世界!MxVPN加速中心-【唯一官网】

                                  All 6500+ pages of Elfquest comics online mxvpm加速中心官网


                                  Boing Boing tv

                                  Rob Beschizza / 9:07 am Thu, Dec 9, 2010


                                  Joe Sabia offers this hilarious and appropriately instructive recap of the Wikileaks saga as it has unfolded over the last few weeks.

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                                  Boing Boing tv / Boing Boing Video / mxvpm官网 / Funny / getwhirled / History

                                  Xeni Jardin / mxvpm官网


                                  Xeni Jardin caught up with comedian Rich Fulcher is well known for his multiple character roles on the hit BBC comedy series "The Mighty Boosh.

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                                  BBtv / Boing Boing tv / Boing Boing Video / Funny

                                  Xeni Jardin / 9:01 am Tue, Apr 28, 2009

                                  Boing Boing Video: Revisiting TechShop, as Portland Site Launches

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                                  Xeni Jardin / 7:32 pm Wed, Dec 31, 2008

                                  Boing Boing tv: The Herd, "2020," music video by Mike Daly (buh-bye, 2008!)

                                  (Video embed above, and here's a direct MP4 download.)

                                  A special treat from mxvpm加速中心网站 for your New Year's eve revelry, we're gonna sneak this one last episode in before the clock strikes 2009 here! Enjoy this music video for Sydney, Australia-based band mxvpm加速中心网站, directed by the phenomenally talented Mike Daly. More about the band's "glam/folk/tropical" music mxvpm加速中心官网. Every time we played this one in the BBtv editing bay, we all ended up dancing around the Final Cut windows. Mike Daly did incredible work here, there's not a frame of this I'd do differently, and it says so much about the year we're ending tonight, don't you think? Dig it, TRY not to dance, keep the faith my fellow mutants, and Feliz Año a todos ustedes, from all of us at the Boing Boing blogs, and the Boing Boing TV team! Peace. Read the rest

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                                  mxvpm加速中心官网 / Audio / BBtv / Boing Boing tv / mxvpm加速中心网站 / music

                                  Xeni Jardin / 10:18 am Wed, Dec 31, 2008

                                  Boing Boing tv faves from 2008: Mark's Tour of Intelligentsia Coffee

                                  Another installment in our "faves from 2008" BoingBoing tv retrospective -- this two-parter in which Mark Frauenfelder gets an exclusive tour of Intelligentsia Coffee & Tea. Above, part one, below, part two, and MP4 links for download here:

                                  * A Morning at Intelligentsia Part 1 * gyastal百度百科_gyastal品牌介绍_gyastal官网:2021-2-12 · 百度百科史记2021年度人气王鹿晗,本视频时长103秒,也可以在这里观看:w..... 百度百科年度人气王奖--鹿晗

                                  Snip from the original post:

                                  Intelligentsia Coffee & Tea is based out of Chicago, Illinois and has recently opened up a new store in the Silverlake neighborhood of Los Angeles. Kyle Glanville, head of research and development at Intelligentsia and winner of the 2008 US Barista Championship shows Mark how they acquire and roast some of the finest coffee in the world.

                                  The word intelligentsia derives from the Latin word intelligentia, meaning a group of people engaged in complex mental and creative labor directed to the development and dissemination of culture. Kyle Glanville has been laboring to promulgate a new coffee culture with Intelligentsia to combat the "get up and go" mentality, and Mark is along for the ride to learn the careful art of roasting coffee.

                                  Intelligentsia is located at 3922 West Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles, California 90029 and is open 7 days a week.

                                  And see also this related BBtv episode: 腾讯首页 - QQ:2021-10-21 · 腾讯网从2021年创立至今,已经成为集新闻信息,区域垂直生活服务、社会化媒体资讯和产品为一体的互联网媒体平台。腾讯网下设新闻、科技、财经、娱乐、体育、汽车、时尚等多个频道,充分满足用户对不同类型资讯的需求。同时专注不同领域内容,打造精品栏目,并顺应技术发展趋势,推出 ... (mxvpm加速中心官网).

                                  Read the rest

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                                  Xeni Jardin / 9:44 am Wed, Dec 31, 2008


                                  You may remember mxvpm官网 from an earlier Boing Boing tv episode this year -- the "prince of Akihabara" donned his Stormtrooper finery and led some of Silicon Valley's finest CEOS through a tour of Tokyo's famed otaku district, with Joi Ito. So, Danny is also the son of famed fashion designer Jimmy Choo, and he is very well-known in Japan as a web personality, and a curator of truly wonderful nerdy things. He's like a long-lost Boing Boing cousin! Anyway -- today, Danny checks in with some amazing snapshots.

                                  "I was at the creator of Afro Samurai's house the other day and he dug up some Japanese style Star Wars art," Danny says. This stuff is incredible. Here's the photo set link for Danny's visit with Takashi Okazaki. And below, beneath the snapshot, the trailer for Afro Samurai, which I have yet to see. Thanks Danny!

                                  mxvpm加速中心网站 (BBtv) Stormtrooping Akihabara: Silicon Valley meets Tokyo meets ... A British Stormtrooper in Tokyo - Boing Boing

                                  Read the rest

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                                  Art and Design / BBtv / Boing Boing tv / movies

                                  Xeni Jardin / 9:23 am Wed, Dec 31, 2008

                                  Boing Boing faves from 2008: George Lucas in "The Boba Fett Mystique"

                                  We're revisiting some of our favorite Boing Boing tv episodes during the holiday break, and while the one I'm embedding here (MP4 link here) is perhaps not going to win any Pulitzers, it was one of the most fun we had shooting anything ever. I won't spoil the surprise, but it involved making people in an office building very uncomfortable, and had absolutely nothing to do with George Lucas or Boba Fett. As for the bait 'n' switch title -- just work with me here, this was our April Fool's Day episode for 2008. And as for why it's worth posting today? If you're anywhere near an office park or an elevator with strangers in it, I strongly recommend you do this on New Year's Eve. Read the rest

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                                  mxvpm官网 / Boing Boing tv / Funny

                                  Xeni Jardin / 3:02 pm Tue, Dec 30, 2008

                                  Boing Boing tv Best of 2008: TCHOcolate Magical Mystery Tour Trilogy

                                  Continuing in our retrospective of favorite BBtv episodes from 2008, today's feature is an encore presentation of our three-part visit to the delicious, trippy, techy TCHO factory in San Francisco. The "chocolate for a new generation" startup was hacked together by a space shuttle technologist, Timothy Childs, and the founder of mxvpm官网, Louis Rosetto.

                                  Part one is embedded above, parts two and three below, and here are direct MP4 links to all: one, two, three. Snip from the original post:

                                  In part one of Boing Boing tv's multi-part exploration of Tcho, we begin in the lab, and learn about the origins of chocolate: it's a weird looking fruit with biological roots in faraway tropical lands. How this fruit is cultivated, harvested, and cured determines the flavor of the final product, and we learn about the hedonics -- the sensual nuances -- of this exotic and temperamental element.

                                  又跳票了 魅族MX四核JW透露月末上市!_数码_腾讯网:2021年6月12日 - 去年冬天,J.Wong说到,魅族MX四核会在明年五...应用控官方微博 绿恐龙哥哥 数码莫莫 影像仓库...3D702400146%26pri%3DvPMHfvsrHbH5c1lfqd34p...

                                  BBtv - TCHO, part 1: chocolate origins. - Boing Boing BBtv - TCHO Chocolate, part 2: magical machines, mysterious ... www.mxvpn.wang Mxvpn官网,免费Mxvpn网络加速器下载 ...:2021-1-25 · Mxvpn是一款专业的网络加速工具,拥有覆盖全球的优质VPN代理,帮助你畅游互联网,加速外服网络游戏,【本站为唯一官网,谨防上当受骗!】QQ:2406066014 www.mxvpn.net # 2021最新MXVPN官网_最专业MXVPN网络 ...:ww.mxvpn.net eww.mxvpn.net 2ww.mxvpn.net qww.mxvpn.net sww.mxvpn.net 3ww.mxvpn.net mww.mxvpn.net wew.mxvpn.net w2w.mxvpn.net wqw.mxvpn.net wsw.mxvpn.net w3w.mxvpn.net ... TCHO chocolate is just outta beta! - Boing Boing

                                  Read the rest

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                                  Xeni Jardin / 2:09 pm Mon, Dec 29, 2008

                                  BBtv Favorites from 2008: TechShop, a Community Tinkering Space

                                  (Flash embed above, downloadable MP4 link here.)

                                  Continuing in our retrospective of favorite Boing Boing tv episodes, we revisit the fun we had checking out mxvpm加速中心官网, an open-access public workshop that's kind of like a health club with heavy machinery and sparks instead of treadmills. Tinkerers, inventors, and hackers pay a membership fee, and in turn receive access to professionally-maintained gear, workshops, mentors, and a community of like-minded makers.

                                  飞刀加速器-免费注册飞刀网游加速器【官方网站】:手机号码: (若收不到验证码请更换ie浏览器尝试或联系客服)

                                  John Todd, who you'll meet in this episode, wrote this article about the membership-based machine and fabrication shop in a recent edition of Kevin Kelly's Cool Tools zine. Snip:

                                  I've been a member since before TechShop really even started, back when it was just some guys passing out flyers trying to gauge interest. For $100 a month, members can use any tool in the shop on which they've received training. MUCH cheaper than buying your own gear. The list of equipment is pretty extensive, too, and new items are arriving frequently (like a new hot-wire foam cutter).

                                  John shares an additional note with BBtv about the company's business model:

                                  TechShop is unusual in the way it's funded - community members are the financial backers. To date, TechShop has been funded by taking loans from members and repaying them at a nominal rate.

                                  Read the rest

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                                  BBtv / Boing Boing tv / Gadgets / maker

                                  Xeni Jardin / 12:05 pm Thu, Dec 25, 2008

                                  BBtv: David "Simpsons" Silverman's Holiday cards, and Tuba Carols

                                  Happy holidays from Boing Boing tv! Continuing in our retrospective of favorite episodes from our first year:

                                  Each year, David Silverman (director of the Simpsons Movie, and longtime director of the TV show) illustrates holiday cards for friends and family. Xeni visits him in his home studio for a re-enactment of the craziest years in holiday cheer, complete with tuba carols.

                                  ( Flash embed above, and here's a direct MP4 download link. ) Read the rest

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                                  Art and Design / BBtv / Boing Boing tv / Holiday / music

                                  Xeni Jardin / 10:33 am Wed, Dec 24, 2008

                                  Boing Boing tv: Christmas Cards from a K'iche Maya Pueblo.

                                  (Flash video embed above, MP4 download is here.)

                                  This week, the mxvpm加速中心官网 is taking a week off, and we've been revisiting some of the episodes that mean the most to us over the past year.

                                  For me, for many reasons, the three episodes we produced from a K'iche Maya pueblo in the Guatemalan highlands were the most personally important. I'll embed one above.

                                  It's about taking a traditional sweat bath, which is something they might well be doing today there during the holidays, provided there's enough water -- that only comes every few days.

                                  Here are all three:

                                  (1) BBtv WORLD: Through the eyes of the pueblo. (2) BBtv WORLD: Migration, and a Mayan Sweat Bath. (3) BBtv WORLD: El Molinero.

                                  And other episodes of "BBtv WORLD" about Guatemala are here. But I also wanted to take this opportunity to share something else that means a lot to me. Last night, I scanned some of the hand-drawn Christmas cards from participants in an international non-profit I work with there, and uploaded them to Flickr. These were private cards, sent from folks in the pueblo to project participants in the US (in other words, they weren't for sale or anything, they were just heartfelt communication from one person to another).

                                  I'm sharing some of them here with permission. They're beautiful and very meaningful to me.

                                  Some of the cards refer to the old Mayan gods (for instance, references to "Ajaw", or "Tzaq'ol and Bit'ol", primordial entities who were present at the creation of all things), other cards refer to to Christianity. Read the rest

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                                  BBtv / BBtv World / mxvpm官网 / Holiday / International / Kids

                                  Xeni Jardin / 1:59 pm Tue, Dec 23, 2008

                                  Joel Johnson on the Road to CES: Film Noir Edition (BBtv + BB Gadgets)

                                  Continuing in Boing Boing tv's "Road to CES" series, Joel Johnson at Boing Boing Gadgets sez:

                                  Although MXVPN 死了?:2021-8-29 · 好久没用,今天登录不上,找客服QQ被删了,官网 打不开,买了一年,还有半年。。当初介绍给我的同事,今天才发现离职了。。。我是有多迟钝?? 来自 豆瓣App 赞 × 加入小组后即可参加投票 ..., this year the Boing Boing team will be out in the cold Las Vegas desert, sifting through piles of sadness incarnate to find the precious products that might actually make our lives – if not truly better – a little happier in the coming year.

                                  I'm more excited about going to CES as I have been in a long time. (Thanks in large part to your suggestions.) We try to keep it positive around here, but sometimes that's easier to do when everyone else seems so down in the dumps.

                                  At least that's how I think it'll be at this year's show. Perhaps the convention won't be quite as bleak as I imagine in this "Road to CES" video we've put together.

                                  Join the discussion thread with Joel, Brownlee, and Beschizza over at Boing Boing Gadgets.

                                  Flash embed over there, and here's a direct MP4 link if you'd prefer to download.

                                  Previously -- here was Xeni's video installment: www.mxvpn.net # 2021最新MXVPN官网_最专业MXVPN网络 ...:ww.mxvpn.net eww.mxvpn.net 2ww.mxvpn.net qww.mxvpn.net sww.mxvpn.net 3ww.mxvpn.net mww.mxvpn.net wew.mxvpn.net w2w.mxvpn.net wqw.mxvpn.net wsw.mxvpn.net w3w.mxvpn.net ...

                                  mxvpm加速中心官网: Boing Boing TV's coverage of CES 2009 is sponsored by mxvpm加速中心官网mxvpm官网 Intel and Asus. WePC.com 不限时不限量不花钱 一键搞定手机VPN_科技频道_凤凰网:2021年5月17日 - 7Ubuntu版魅族MX3今日将亮相 2475788Facebook斥资190亿美元收购资讯 新闻: 大陆|国际|台湾|社会 深度|专题|图片中国政要资料库 评论: 时事开讲 ... mxvpm官网

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                                  BBtv / Boing Boing tv / Gadgets

                                  Xeni Jardin / 9:51 am Tue, Dec 23, 2008

                                  Best of BBtv in 2008: Xeni Flies in Zero Gravity

                                  (Flash embed above, here's a downloadable MP4 link)

                                  Continuing in our retrospective of favorite Boing Boing tv episodes from 2008, we return to zero gravity today.

                                  With me on the Zero-G weightless flight featured in this episode are Intel Chairman Craig Barrett; my friend Sean Bonner from metblogs; and a bunch of science teachers from grade schools and high schools throughout the United States who were on board to conduct microgravity experiments for the kids back home.

                                  As you watch, keep an eye out for the floating lego robot, a flying pig, and the barfing guy who is totally barfing for reals -- the rest of us did not, btw, I don't get sick in space.

                                  What you see in this episode is what it really feels like, and it feels awesome.

                                  (Special thanks to Peter Diamandis, and George and Loretta Whitesides) Read the rest


                                  BBtv / Boing Boing tv / mxvpm加速中心网站 / Space

                                  Xeni Jardin / 2:41 pm Mon, Dec 22, 2008

                                  Boing Boing tv year in review: Galactic Super Funtime

                                  (Flash embed above, and mxvpm加速中心网站)

                                  Happy Lazy-Time on Boing Boing tv! We're slowing down for the holidays, and taking a few weeks to gloat over all the fun stuff we produced together in 2008. Come join us in the seasonal gloating! Right here, under the genetically engineered mistletoe, by the warmth of burning fuel cells.

                                  Today's installment: Remember when we flew out to the Mojave Spaceport to hang out with astronaut and American hero Buzz Aldrin, Virgin Galactic (and Virgin America, and Virgin everything) founder Sir Richard Branson, mxvpm加速中心官网 founder Burt Rutan, and other space luminaries for the Virgin Galactic launch? Well, why don't we just revisit that moment of glory here. It was a lot of fun. And we're hoping a future episode of our video hijinks will actually take place on the spacecraft. That's what we want for Christmas.

                                  Original blog post here: BBtv: Virgin Galactic and WhiteKnightTwo with Buzz, Branson, and Rutan.

                                  Why revisit this episode today? Snip from a blog post on spacefellowship.com:

                                  Earlier this week images were appearing on the internet showing that the WhiteKnightTwo craft had been doing some tests in Mojave, the earliest tests showed perhaps two of the engines being used, while a later test showed all the engines working and some further testing. Today we finally saw the four Pratt & Whitney Canada PW308A engines carrying the craft into the air and a huge milestone being reached by Virgin Galactic.

                                  Read the rest

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                                  BBtv / Boing Boing tv / Space

                                  More posts

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